spring Sunday School


Adult Classes

CLASS: "How We Got the New Testament"


LOCATION: Firestone Room


Six lessons addressing the nature and development of the New Testament covering the history and transmission of our NT books, apocryphal literature, and why we believe they are from God. The benefits of this class will be a heightened confidence and trust in Scripture (when God speaks, he speaks what is true) and also help us in our outreach and evangelism. 




location: Lower Warehouse


Ministry is often "professionalized" in church, and left to the experts, but maturing churches have a healthy public and private ministry of the Word. In this class, Matt Siple and Rob Herron will be discussing the importance of personal ministry, and how God uses all his people to minister the Word to one another. 

High School 

join us for adult Sunday School in the Lower Warehouse!


Middle School 

Guys' class: A Study of Exodus

Teachers: John Ragland + Phil Brannen

location: 1st DTA Classroom behind the sanctuary

Girls' class: pRAYER & THE PSALMS

Teachers: Morgan cogswell, ERIKA + julianna Smoak

location: 2nd DTA Classroom behind the sanctuary


As students come together to read and discuss they will discover that, just like the ancient Israelites, we all need a Redeemer. As the Israelites grumble, complain, disobey, worship false gods, and try to be their own Savior, teens and young adults will see that they too do those same things. But they will also see how God gives grace to the guilty and over and over again comes to the rescue, pointing to the deliverance of God’s people that is later fulfilled in Christ and the gospel.


If God is sovereign, why should we pray? How do we pray? What should we pray for? What if we don’t see our prayers answered? Join us as we explore these questions and study the Psalms together.

Kids (K5-5th)

All kids classes are in the DTA School building next to the Lower Warehouse. More information to follow! 

Ages 0-4 

Babies and toddlers are in their normal rooms in the inside nursery. 1s & 2s in the first outer nursery room, 3s and 4s in the second outer nursery room.