China outreach ministries presents

Training: How to Minister to Internationals | Saturday, May 12th

WHEN: 8:30am-12:30pm

WHERE: University Village Community office meeting room, 710 East Campus Rd.

We’re glad that you’re interested in in our upcoming training session. I hope this information will help you decide to join us.

Glenn Osborn, the past-president of China Outreach Ministries (COM) is now serving as Minister-at-Large with COM. He will be the lead presenter at our training on May 12. Glen was a pastor for about 15 years and knows the value of church members being involved in areas of personal mission. He earned a Ph.D. at Columbia International University doing research on what types of ministry influences Chinese students and scholars to become Christians. The main one is personal relationships with American Christians.

He and Daniel Su, the current COM President, wrote a book together about a variety of issues related to ministry to the Chinese. The book is entitled China In Our Midst and will serve as a guide for our time together. You'll receive a free copy of the book at training.

We will also have a panel of those who have been involved in ministry to the Chinese. 

Among the Topics that may be covered:

  • Vision for reaching internationals

  • The Open Door of Opportunity

  • Importance of relationships with internationals

  • East vs West mindsets; understanding Chinese scholars

  • Coming to Faith: Inroads and Obstacles

  • Dos and Don’ts

  • Some first, second and third steps to take

  • Involving your family

To reserve your place, email  and tell me the names of those coming. You can also fill out the form here.