youth Ministry


Why Youth Ministry?

RPC Youth Ministry is not a separate ministry from the ministry of the church. Instead, it is an integral and vital part of our church’s ministry. Sixth-12th grade students are to be viewed as FULL MEMBERS of the church, and we expect that God is working in their lives. At the same time, they are at a stage of particular growth, change, and transition (spiritually, physically and emotionally). RPC Youth Ministry is a ministry to 6th-12th graders that seeks to bring the gospel to bear on their lives as an extension of the church’s mission to reach and equip.

Purpose of RPCYouth

1. To move students towards Christ as they move towards adulthood—Our aim is to prayerfully press the gospel into students’ minds and hearts through consistent and faithful relationships. We are committed to walk alongside them as they move through this stage of life.

2. To invite students into the mission of the church now as they prepare for lifetime membership in the Body of Christ—We aim to equip students to serve Christ, one another, and the world right now, and we are committed to providing opportunities for them to serve alongside leaders. Through this, we aim to equip them for future participation in the church and in God’s worldwide mission.


AthensPBJ Service Project • September 16th 

AthensPBJ is an organization we've helped in the past that provides food and relationships to the Athens homeless and needy downtown. September 16th is their 10th Anniversary, and we've been invited to help provide meals for the celebration and willing volunteers to serve lunch, talk to our friends downtown, and pray with the group. 

We need your help in a few ways! 

1. Providing the Lunches - we need to make ~70 sack lunches. Will you consider helping supply the food?

Food Sign-Ups

2. Helping Make the Lunches - Sunday afternoon in the Firestone Room @ 1pm

3. Being at the Celebration! 2pm-3:30pm downtown by Ben & Jerry's

Let Morgan know if you can help make lunches and/or be at the celebration! 

thanks for a great summer! School-Year Youth will begin after Labor Day!

Middle School: Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm with snack • beginning Sept. 12 

High School: Sunday from 6-8pm with dinner • beginning Sept. 9