Serving in the Nursery

Nursery volunteers serve once every six weeks and we’d love to have you serve the church in this capacity!

Background Checks

For the safety of our children and volunteers, Redeemer requires background checks on all adults working with children. There is a simple form to complete-- You’ll need your social security number and driver’s license number. List your current address and any previous addresses you can recall. You may leave extra address fields blank. There is no charge to you for this service.

Infants: 0-12 Months 

lobby nursery

first room on the right

Babies move up to Toddler I room when walking well. There is a room for nursing mothers and crying babies located at the back of the sanctuary, from which you can hear the worship service.


Toddler I: 12-18 Months  

lobby nursery

2nd room on the left

Kids move to this room from the Infant room when they're walking well.

Toddler II: 18-24 Months 

lobby nursery

first room on the left


Kids move to this room from Toddler I when they're 18 months.

Kids move from Toddler II room to 2’s on 2nd birthday.


outer nursery 

first room on the left


3 by September 1

outer nursery 

middle & Last rooms

Prep For Worship

If your child is a 4 or 5-year-old Pre-K student this year, we would like to invite him/her to join us for Prep for Worship! This class is intended to help your child transition from full time nursery to full time worship.  Prep for Worship children will remain with their parents in the worship service until the hymn that immediately follows Tithes and Offerings.  At that time, parents will escort their child to the Upper Warehouse classrooms for Prep for Worship. The class is in the last room on the right.