FALL Sunday School

Beginning August 18th @ 9:15am


Adult Classes

Reformed & Presbyterian Identity

with Rev. Todd Lowery in the Lower Warehouse


We will be learning more about what it means to be part of a Presbyterian and Reformed Church – answering the questions of what we believe and why we believe it, looking at Presbyterian beliefs, practices, and history.



The Church 

with Rev. Matt Siple in the Firestone Room

Taking a deeper look at the nature and purpose of the church in the world to better understand our calling as the people of God. 

High School 

Meeting in Rob's office, High Schoolers will be led and given opportunities to lead one another through the big topic "Questioning Christianity." Taken from Tim Keller's series of the same name, we will discuss how the Christian faith makes sense out of life, and in fact makes the most sense. While defending the faith, we will open ourselves to the hardest and sharpest arguments leveled against Christianity, because Jesus is big enough to handle our questions and doubts. We do this, not to be skeptical for skepticism's sake, but in order to test our faith so it may mature and be strengthened.

Middle School 

This Fall, the middle schoolers will go through What's Up?—a curriculum that focuses on the gospel and our identity within God's story of redemption-- good for both students who aren't yet believers and believers of different maturity levels. We're seeking to develop a deeper appreciation for the gospel and how to apply it to daily life as a middle schooler. We'll be going through this series all year, so please join!


Meet us in the 1st DTA Classroom behind the sanctuary with John Ragland and Phil Brannen.


Meet us in the 2nd DTA Classroom behind the sanctuary with Morgan Cogswell & Jules Smoak.

Kids (K5-5th)

All kids classes will meet in the Upper Warehouse/Downtown Academy school building.

After learning about the lives of Samuel, Saul, David and Solomon, and the “Kingdom Provided” during this summer’s K5-5th Sunday School, we’ll look this fall at the “Kingdom Divided.” We’ll learn about the northern and southern kingdoms of Israel and Judah, and the many different prophets God sent to his people. Please plan to bring your K5-5th grade children to Sunday School every week!

4th and 5th grade girls will be in the second classroom on the left. They’ll be taught by Allison Cape, Jessica Farriba, and Sarah Yelton.

4th and 5th grade boys will be in the second classroom on the right. They’ll be taught by Tim Hulsey, John Morecraft, Ryan Poehler, and J.J. White.

2nd and 3rd graders will be in the last room on the left. They’ll be taught by Mason and Rachel Florence, Richard and Faith James, Jack and Heather Morse, and Emory and Lauren Patterson.

K5 and 1st graders will be in the last room on the right. They’ll be taught by Candace Couch, Hannah Green, Carol Bishop, Karen Davis, Janneke Bole, and Katie McCullough.

Ages 0-4 

Babies and toddlers are in their normal rooms in the inside nursery. 1s & 2s in the first outer nursery room, 3s and 4s in the second outer nursery room.