Redeemer is committed to bringing the good news of Jesus to people near and far.  Many former members of Redeemer are working full-time in gospel service throughout the U.S. and abroad.  We also seek to build meaningful, enduring connections between our Athens community and missions workers in diverse locations.

Video credit: Jake Gee

Missions and Missionaries that Redeemer Supports Financially

Reformed University Fellowship 


Ben & Anna Coppedge


Justin & Elizabeth Clement


Terry & Mary Rose Dykstra

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 1.09.05 PM.png

Peter & Lauren Dishman


Kelly & Caroline Jackson


Austin & Anna Caroline Royal


Jeff & Caroline Thompson


Tom & Chané Hart


Mike & Deanna Ford


Gavin and Shalaine Breeden


Chad & Kristen Turner


Ministries in Athens


Ben & Karen Farnsworth

Mercy Health Center

Missionary Care Ministry

Bogart, Georgia


Mark & Karen Heintzman

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Medical Campus Outreach


Church Plants

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church

Athens, Georgia

Lord of Glory Presbyterian Church

Athens, Georgia


Around the World

Thomas Slawson, InterAct

Eric and Miranda Marlowe, MTW team in Honduras

Jonah and Jennifer Khokhar, Frontier Missionaries

Scott and Karen Bryant, Upper Darby, PA

Chris and Bonnie Currie, Philadelphia, PA

Jessica Forbes, Serge in the Czech Republic

Brooks and Riva Cain, MTW in Japan

Jamie and Rachael Grant, World Witness in Spain

African Bible University, Kampala, Uganda

  • Jerry and Karen Knight

  • Kurt and Marlene Schimke

  • Tim and Cheri Hoke

  • Tim and Andrea Kay

African Bible University Student Scholarship Fund

African Business Institute (Uganda and Malawi)

  • Jun Shiomitsu

  • Marcelo and Amanda Vieira

Church Planting Partnership for Northern Uganda with Pastor Solomon Okello, Kole Community Presbyterian Church, Kole, Uganda